Explore, hunt, and experience mythologies based on Austronesian legends in this fantasy rhythm game.
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Jul 9, 2023
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Explore, hunt, and experience mythologies based on Austronesian legends in this fantasy rhythm game.
Limnoreia, a girl from the deep sea, drifts to the surface world embarking on a journey of exploring the islands. Encounter islanders, hunt legendary animals, search for ancient music charts, craft equipment and tools, and experience the world of Gadvia.

Hundreds of years ago, scientists discovered Blue Crystal, a new form of energy. This resulted in a rapid rise in technological level, with humanity setting foot in the universe and even the deep sea. However, the overuse of crystal energy awakened the primordial gods of the Earth, they created a flood that submerged all the continents, and sank all advanced human technologies to the deep sea, nearly erase all civilizations.

Remnants of human survivors rebuilt their homes on deserted islands and are once again believers in the gods. One day, the waves washed something other than debris ashore, a girl from the depths of the sea that calls herself Limnoreia is found on the beach. Turns out this curious girl is sent to the surface with the heavy burden of finding a way to save the increasingly resource-depleted deep-sea sanctuary where she came from…

As Limnoreia, your goal is to explore the island, to do that, you need to collect materials and hunt for resources. Singing songs can accelerate the progress of hunting and exploration.

Various events and hunting missions will occur while exploring the island. Players can find new charts and songs, and hunt legendary creatures.

What's new

1. Added store single ELYXiVN ELYXiUM.
2. Add 2 new avatars to the store.
3. Added the event song "Dark Arrow"、"Wind of Mu".
4. Added task system.
5. Watching video ads and using acceleration tickets will now provide an acceleration effect of one hour.



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