Apple TV Remote App Download for Android & iphone

The Latest Apple TV Remote App is a great excellent discovery of Apple company. You will never need to use the original remote to enjoy any Apple TV. You can control Apple TV with both your iPhone and Android devices by using that Remote App. Here I will share with you How you can use this wonderful Application with your iPhone and Android phone.

Reading this article will let you know about Apple TV Remote and enjoy the Apple TV Movies, Drama, etc using this app on your Apple TV. Control Apple TV with one touch of your finger, or use the phone’s keyboard to type text faster. It can also be used with an Android phone but the IR blaster must be there.

Firstly you have to make sure that your remote application successfully paired with Apple TV.

Apple TV Remote App


Download Apple TV Remote App

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How To Use Apple TV Remote on Android

  • Point your IR enabled android device to Apple TV and open the mobile app.
  • Click on Infrared Remote button for operating Apple TV with Android Devices.
  • Complete guidance for how Apple TV remote working.
  • Read Help for resolving connection issue between remote and Apple TV.

The Remote Supported Apple TV Devices

  • 1st Generation.
  • 2nd Generation.
  • 3rd Generation.
  • 4th Generation.
  • 5th Generation.
  • iOS’s devices using iOS 9.3.2 or later.


Top Features of Apple TV Remote APK

  • You can control the movie, TV show, or song that’s currently playing.
  • And Also view song lyrics, change music tracks, and select movie chapters.
  • It’s a multi-function remote control android app for Apple TV.
  • Swipeable gestures for better user experience.
  • Operate your Apple TV with android devices.
  • The special effect when press remote button.
  • Amazing design with cool interface.
  • It has a navigate Apple TV with touch gestures.
  • You can play games using the App.
  • Use volume buttons on your iOS/Android device to control volume.


How To Use Apple TV Remote on iOS

If you have an iPhone again, this article will explain how to download Apple TV Remote App and use sauces full.


Apple TV Remote App

Firstly you have to download the Apple TV Remote app from the App Store. Click Here >> App Store. Turn on your Apple TV. And open the app. Then tap the Add Apple TV button. Open Remote app. Tap Add Apple TV. Tap on an Apple TV with which you’d like to pair the Remote app.

Enter the pairing code displayed on your Apple TV. Tap Apple TV, enter pairing code. With that, you’re all set. You can use your iPhone to control your friend’s Apple TV, or set up a secondary iPhone or iPad to do the same.


How To Navigate Your Apple TV With The Remote App

  • Open the Remote app.
  • Swipe on the trackpad area at the top of the app to navigate through the Apple TV.
  • Tap the trackpad area to make a selection.
  • Open Apple TV, swipe to navigate, tap the area to select.
  • Tap the TV button to open the TV app on your Apple TV, or head to the Apple TV Home screen.
  • Click Menu to move back to the previous screen you were on.
  • Tap the TV button, tap Menu.


How To View And Control Videos And Music

  • While a movie, TV show, or music is playing on your Apple TV, you can open the Remote app and control it. Open the Remote app.
  • Tap the Play/Pause button to pause or play your content.
  • Tap the skip buttons to move forward or backwards 10 seconds in your content.
  • Open Remote app, tap play/pause, tap skip buttons
  • Tap Details. You’ll now see a more detailed playback screen. This screen also has playback controls that work just like those on the primary remote screen.
  • Tap and drag the playback slider to move to a specific point in your content.
  • Tap the closed captions button to set the closed caption and audio language settings for that content.
  • Click Details, tap and drag, tap closed caption button
  • Choose the audio and the set the closed caption settings.
  • Tap Done.
  • Tap Show next to Info to get more information about your content.
  • Choose audio and CC settings, tap Done, tap Show


How To Activate The Game Controller In The Remote App

Firstly open the Remote app while a game is playing on your TV. Secondly, tap the game controller icon at the top of the screen. Then use the on-screen buttons to play your game. Open Remote app, tap game controller icon, use on-screen buttons.


How To Enter Text With The Remote App

  • Open the Remote app.
  • Navigate to a search bar on the Apple TV, such as in the App Store, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV Streaming etc.
  • Tap the keyboard icon at the top of the screen in the Remote app.

Apple TV Remote App


  • Type or dictate your search term.
  • Open Remote app, tap keyboard icon, type or dictate.


How To Use Siri With The Remote App:

  • Open the Remote app on your iPhone.
  • Tap and hold the Siri button.
  • Speak your Siri command.
  • Open Remote app, tap and hold Siri button


How To Remove The APK

Don’t want your iPhone or iPad connected to your Apple TV any longer? Removing the pairing is an easy fix.

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV.
  • Tap Remotes and Devices.
  • Open Settings, tap Remotes and Devices
  • Tap Remote App and Devices.
  • Tap the device you want to unpair.
  • Click Remote app and Devices, tap device
  • Tap the Unpair Device.
  • Tap Remove.


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If you have any quarry about this article. Feel free to contact me via the contact option. I hope so this article will provide with you a piece of detail knowledge about Apple TV Remote App.