Sensuality story: love episode MOD APK Download

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Sensuality story: love episode MOD APK Download

Sensuality story: love episode MOD APK For Android

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Are you ready to role play with me? – Said a beautiful stranger, assessing the hero with a look from head to toe!
The story takes an unusual turn – the hero whistled, scanning the juicy forms with his eyes. – kitty, are you sure that this role-playing game will be within your power?
I will definitely be able to! – Shouted the knight who ran out from around the corner – you have a choice: voluntarily go with me or become a victim of a horror story;).
I prefer flirting with a beauty than horror with a loser. I beg your pardon, miss, some other time;) – The hero apologized and went on the run, like a lover caught at the most inconvenient moment.

The royal knights are so famous that sagas and legends are composed about their exploits. However, recently I saw one hero defeat an entire group of royal guards! – Said the owner of the inn to the guest, interested in local gossip.
Hero you say! I’m just writing a visual novel for the royal family and I really need material for the last scene! – The guest began to argue. – Can you tell me where exactly you saw this scene with the hero and the royal knights?
It was on the southern outskirts of the city – in the thicket of the forest. I just went there for firewood. I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything there other than corpses and the smell of blood! – The owner replied with surprise. – I understand that the story is important for the king, but is it worth the risk of visiting the place of the bloody battle? I heard that a dark sorceress lives in this forest, who can revive the dead, turning them into zombies! Also, I heard that she is so beautiful that no one can resist her. I think the hero you’re looking for has already fallen under her spell.

If the hero you are talking about is the same person, then you will not envy the fate of this beautiful sorceress. Funny, they will both be part of the final scene of my interactive novel! – The guest laughed loudly – Thank you, innkeeper, your story was useful to me, and you deserve to become a minor character in my epic! The guest finished his glass of red liquid, pulled out a huge leather-bound book with blood-red spots from under his cloak, and opened it. The owner of the tavern was instantly sucked into one of the pages of this terrible book. Smiling and baring vampire fangs, the guest left!

Latest Version Sensuality story: love episode MOD APK Download

One of the best interactive medieval fantasy love stories where every step counts!
Do you dream of becoming a hero of a fantasy world and immersing yourself in love adventures?
Meet new visual novels of your favorite genres! Immerse yourself in a fantasy world, solve mysterious mysteries, watch shocking drama with your own eyes and go on an exciting steampunk adventure!
+ Choose stories from our collection and read new chapters
+ Create your own unique image by changing the appearance and clothes of the characters
+ Solve secrets and make hard choices
+ Make friends and defeat enemies
+ Build relationships: will you break the taboo?
+ Collect beautiful collectible cards with episode characters
+ Make choices that affect your destiny!

Fleeing from hostile soldiers, you find a mysterious estate and pretend to be an ordinary mercenary. You are promised a warm welcome and pleasant company… But who is the mysterious mistress of the old estate? Can you overcome the danger, unravel all the secrets of the beautiful stranger and stay alive?

Death remedy:
It’s not easy being a talented alchemist rejected by the experts. But you do not lose heart and dream of creating the legendary Philosopher’s Stone! Without even realizing the price you have to pay. One morning, you accidentally meet the love of your life…

Secrets of Palazzo Tore:
Fleeing from a marriage with a formidable mobster, you meet a mysterious and passionate stranger. What dark secret is he hiding?


Category: Entertainment
Downloads: 10,000,000+
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Content rating: Rated for 12+

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