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iTAP Entertainment APK Download Free Online Games App For Android Device. WATCH, PLAY, AND WIN icons, THEN REDEEM THEM FOR CASH IN A WEEKLY DRAW FOR LUCKY 10000 WINNERS.

iTAP Entertainment APK Download

iTAP APK Download

About The App

iTAP is a FREE gaming and entertainment software that allows you to WATCH, PLAY, and WIN.iCOINS. Viewers that watch curated offbeat films and shows, documentaries, insightful drama, and cerebral concepts are rewarded with iCOINS by iTAP. This subject runs through all of the films, shows, online series, comedy skits, comedy series, music, dance, and cuisine videos, spiritual, mythological, and lifestyle videos.

Gamers can win iCOINS by playing trivia games on Bollywood, Cricket, and Kabaddi, as well as other fun games like LUDO, Snakes & Ladders, Pool Prize, Spin & Win, Snap Win, Pop2 Stone, Basketball Shoot, and Bottle Flip. Premium content, such as new movies and series, is also available to viewers.

We have an Added Feature called DOWNLOADS where you may pay Rs 49/139/229 for Monthly/Half-yearly/Annual subscriptions to download any content and view it offline because it requires WIFI or Mobile Data to stream. All Premium shows are free if you subscribe for a half year or a year. If you want to pay in cash, you can do so starting in October 2020 at all PayPoint and VAYAMTECH locations.

iTAP Entertainment and Online Games Features:

  • In the FREE section, viewers can watch a number of free movies, shows, comedy skits, comedy web series, tv shows, etc…
  • The content appearing here is totally game-enabled with questions concerning the show being watched.
  • Let us explain this, with every 5 minutes of content, a question appears, which is related to the content and the answer lies within the content you are watching. If you answer these simple questions correctly, you win 5 coins with every correct answer.
  • The more correct answers that you give, the you win more icons. The more icons you win, the richer you get.
  • In addition, the longer you watch or play you get icons in a geometric progression. See the REWARDS/EARN button. For example, if you watch or play for 30 minutes you win 50 coins and for 45 minutes you win 100 coins.
  • It is the ONLY streaming/gaming service that PAYS YOU for time spent.
  • You can play these games in two modes, A: PRACTICE and B: 1ON 1. In the PRACTICE mode, you can play on your own and in the 1 ON 1 mode you can play with an online opponent.
  • In LUDO you can invite your friends to play.
  • With every game you play, you win iCOINS. The more games you win, the more iCOINS you earn.

And those are the APK’s features. For more TV APKs.



Uploaded BY: Triplecom Media Pvt Ltd
Category: Entertainment
Downloads: 100,000+
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Content rating: Rated for 12+


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