Apple lowers iPhone charger and earphone prices [Update]

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Apple lowers iPhone charger and earphone prices (Update News). Finally, on October 13, Apple released the iPhone 12 series. It was thought that Apple’s iPhone 12 series phones wouldn’t have wall chargers and earphones within the box. Apple has finally removed Earpods and charger adapters from the box of iPhone 12 series, proving the speculation to be true.

iPhone Charger and Earphone Prices



The only accessory that will be provided in the iPhone 12 box along with the phone is the USB-C to Lightning cable. It can be connected to a USB-C port and charged on the iPhone.

There are not any earphones within the box of the new iPhone. That means if you want to buy an iPhone 12 (or another model running), you need to buy a charger and an earphone separately.

Apple has cited itself because the reason behind the choice, reducing carbon emissions and shipping more phones together during a single palette. Excluding chargers and headphones will reduce the size of the phone’s box, and reduce the use of plastic and paper. As a result, it will help to reduce carbon emissions.

Apple has reduced the worth of the first Earpod and wall charger after this announcement. The current price of the Apple Earpod with Lightning Connector is $19 after reducing the price by $10 compared to the previous price. On the other hand, instead of the previous $29, 18-watt power adapter, the 20-watt power adapter will be available at $10 less, i.e. $19. So when buying a replacement iPhone, buyers will need to pay a separate $38 for power adapters and Earpods.


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Apple did not provide a power adapter in this year’s Apple Watch line-up. It was speculated that this year’s iPhone will not have a power adapter in the box. However, it’s not only the facility adapter and Earpod that are being dropped from the iPhone 12 box. The same rule applies to all current Apple iPhones sold.

In other words, the power adapter and Earpod will not be provided in the box of iPhone SE, iPhone 10R and iPhone 11. After all, when buying a replacement iPhone, customers aren’t getting Earpods and power adapters within the phone box. New iPhones got to be bought separately with Earpods and power adapters, or old chargers and earphones.

However, USB-C to Lightning cable is going to be provided altogether phone boxes. And as a consolation, the corporate has reduced the worth of the earphone by $10 and also increased the worth of the charger by $10. But within the end, you’ve got to spend an additional $38 to urge the complete package. Apple, meanwhile, says it’s offering you a 20 discount, charging more and reducing carbon emissions.

But it can be compared to the Bengali proverb “donating shoes by killing cows”. Because, for the carbon that is so much, that carbon is in the end, on the contrary, it costs $38 out of your pocket (if you buy a separate charger and earphones officially)!

Now if you would like to gift an iPhone to someone, you’ve got to shop for a separate charger and earphones.