iphone 8 Plus Review & Features – Full Phone Specifications

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After using the iPhone 8 Plus for a week, I have given my personal opinion below. This opinion may not match with anyone else.

I will usually focus on a few notable issues, such as design and build quality, hardware performance, battery life, camera, display, sound and more. Let’s get started iPhone 8 Plus Review.

iphone 8 Plus Review & Features – Full Phone Specifications

iphone 8 Plus Review

iPhone 8 Plus Design

If you are a regular user of iPhone, you may notice that there is no difference in the design of iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8 Plus. Following this, Apple came up with the iPhone 8 Plus of the same design. If you want a big change in the design, its design will disappoint you, but as a classic design, the design of the iPhone 6+ is my favorite.

iPhone 7 Plus: Length 156.2 mm, width 7.9 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, weight 18 grams.
iPhone 8 Plus: Length 156.4 mm, width 6.1 mm, thickness 7.5 mm, weight 202 g.


The display of the iPhone 8 Plus is similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus with an LCD of 5.5 inches and 1080 by 1920 pixels. However, the iPhone 8 Plus has added new True-Tone technology, which will change the display light based on your ambient light. It’s a great feature that I like.

iphone 8 Plus Review
Build Quality

There is nothing new to say about the build quality of the iPhone as the world’s leading phone, but in the interest of writing, we have to talk about the build quality. Glass is used on both the front and back of the iPhone 8 Plus and its structure is made of aluminum. It looks more interesting because of the use of glass on both sides.
Personally, I like it very much. Another good news is that there is no fear of scratches or fungus on the back due to the use of glass on both sides. The fungus is a scary name for iPhone users. The iPhone 8/8 + does not have much of this panic.

Hardware Performance

The iPhone 8 Plus uses the A11 bionic chipset with 3GB of RAM, which is the fastest chip on the iPhone so far. This chip has 6 cores, of which 4 cores (the A10 Fusion chip used in the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus) are 60 per cent faster and the other 2 cores are 25 per cent faster. We can find out how fast the A11 bionic chip actually works through a comparative data from Workbench below. (The higher the score, the higher the speed.

The chart shows that the multicore score of iPhone 8 Plus is 10,462. This score is much higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus Five, all other flagship phones. And as it turns out, this score is much faster than my MacBook Pro’s chip. I really do not know what to do with a smartphone with so much speed!

iPhone 8 Plus Camera

The iPhone 8 Plus has a 12-megapixel dual camera lens on the back and an 8-megapixel selfie camera on the front. The iPhone 8 Plus uses a better camera than the iPhone 7 Plus. Improved because it has larger, faster sensors and sophisticated image processing power.

iphone 8 Plus Camera

With the rear camera, you will be able to take pictures in portrait mode which will simultaneously brighten the background and brighten up the face.

The iPhone 6+’s selfie camera can also take good quality pictures, and it doesn’t add any flour to your look, it makes for a very natural picture.


The iPhone 8 Plus also has great video quality, with 4K video at 80 fps (frames per second). Which means that the quality of the video taken on the iPhone 8 Plus will be much higher than the quality of the video taken with a normal HD camera phone. You can watch some videos on YouTube to see more videos. iphone 8 Plus Review



The GPU of the iPhone 8 Plus was designed by Apple itself, according to their data, it is 30% faster than the previous GPU, it uses 3 cores. And so graphics processing is faster than ever and high definition games can be played more smoothly.


The iPhone 8 Plus has stereo speakers, which can sound 25% louder than the iPhone 7. The sound is perfect. Beige also sounds very good. I like to listen to songs with more volume because of the good sound.


Battery life

iPhone’s users are more likely to complain about battery life, which Apple has pushed to the iPhone 7. The powerful battery of the iPhone 8’s 2691 mAh gives me the opportunity to use it for a long time without any worries of long-term backup and no charge.

Others Specifications of iPhone 8 Plus Review

Other notable features of the iPhone 8 Plus include:

  • Bluetooth 5 version – This means that Bluetooth will work in a wider range than before.
  • Wireless Charging – This phone has a charging system without QI technology charger. Apple provides the phone with a simple charger wired. The wireless charger has to be bought separately, which costs about 59.
  • Fast Charge Supported – To enjoy this facility, you must buy an additional fast charger, then a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Not great?
  • Water and Dust Resistant – iPhone 8 Plus IP6 Water and Dust Resistant Certified. This means that it can stay under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without any damage. Although I haven’t tested this feature yet.

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