The History of Android – How They Success Beat The Competitors

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The History of Android, Hello everyone, Almost all the conveniences we get today are the result of the hard work of someone who was a very genius in the past. In today’s era, we easily get a variety of information. Every day, various events, news, gossip and even the latest online shop promotions go directly to our cellphones. Of the many cellphones that have been circulating, we are certainly no stranger to the Android operating system. Even today, Android is a superior product used by the world’s top cellphone vendors. Android was created by someone named Andy Rubin.

He was born in the city of California, United States. Since childhood, Andy Rubin was very interested in the world of technology and digital, especially. His father used to have a business engaged in electronics, Especially in camera products Don’t get me wrong Andy Rubin has worked for a large company made by Steve Jobs, namely Apple, he worked from 1989 to 1992 In that company, his abilities began to look and continue to grow There was something unique about Andy Rubin. When he worked at Apple.


“The History of Android”


He is very fanatical about robots Because of his hobby, he was nicknamed Android by his co-workers, this is what became the forerunner of the name Android. Finally, in October 2003, Andrey Rubin and his 3 colleagues founded a company called Android Inc. At that time the founders dreamed of creating a smart operating system specifically for digital cameras. At least that ideal was carried on. When they offered this product to investors in 2004. Soon, Android decided that the market for cameras alone wasn’t big enough so – Andy Rubin shifted his business and launched Android as the operating system for a mobile phone.

Andy Rubin did not get investors are willing to finance the development of Android Because of the fair, Symbian Nokia and Windows phone it Microsoft then still dominate the operating system in the mobile-phone Luckily, someone named Steve Perelman assisted with cash amounting to 10,000 US dollars Uniquely Perelman was then refused considered an investor he said that what he did was purely to help his best friend. Despite getting 10 thousand US dollars earlier, there was not much Android could do at that time until in mid-2005, Google acquired this company for 50 million US dollars. Even though Google had acquired it, it turned out that Google’s CEO at that time, Eric Smith, gave full discretion to Andy Rubin to develop the Android Company. When you feel the form of this android begins to appear. The History of Android.

At the end of 2006 to mid 2007, Google was busy looking for business partners, especially cellphone vendors who wanted to use the Android operating system. The story became sad At that time no one was interested in partnering with Google More than just rejection of Android and even underestimated by their players Call it Microsoft and the giant cellphone at that time Nokia In fact, Nokia officials at that time said that it was impossible for their company to adopt Android, Android likened to a boy who is learning to urinate so that his body is warm in winter.

Wow, what an amazing comment Many people think android is just a short term project for instant profit. Oh, it turns out there is no backward word Steel mentality and enormous enthusiasm from – Andy Rubin and the team at that time, made Android not budge with all the ridicule. Until finally, the Android OS was accepted by HTC and then released a mobile phone product with the first Android OS, namely the HTC G1.

History of Android

But unfortunately, this product is not so popular that it is almost indirectly accepted by the people of Andy Rubin and his team to clean up. They are looking for what is lacking They fix annoying bugs. In the end, the Android OS is in great demand because of the intentions of the top vendors at that time. Call it Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Sony who wanted to replace the throne of the iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Phone as the king of the world’s mobile phones at that time. Vendors who use Android are getting better and better.

Their breakthroughs are always awaited by technology hunters. This is what makes Android continue to grow every year, from previously being underestimated, now to be highly respected. No wonder anyone who is slow to innovate will fall, even death, call it Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry which one by one is starting to disappear from circulation This company continues to innovate.

But unfortunately in 2013, the togetherness between Android and its founder, Mr. Andy Rubin must end He resigned and chose to look for new challenges by building Essential Inc. in early 2014 To date Android has released 10 versions since its first release in 2008. Here are the developments … Thank you for read The History of Android.

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